HDD header hardcore

The stuff in the specs you need to know in order to accomplish serious hard drive hardware hacking.

HDD header hints

Everything you wanted to know about the HDD header on your motherboard. The info you need if you’re going to do a project that uses this header.

BTX Form Factor coverage at Hexus

Hexus does a fine job with both an analysis of the BTX concept, plus showing off some of the reference hardware so you can get a peek at BTX.

Extreme Makeover, web site edition

extreme makeover

Wow it’s about time I got a new design…

case mod 101: mouse LED swap

open mouse surgery

Optical mice all come with red LEDs. But other colors can work well while adding some style to your desktop.

case mod 101: LED swap

changing out the dim LEDs

Changing a case LED is simple, cheap, and a great way to customize your case. Here’s the details for how to do it the right way.

case mod 101: optical drive painting

drive disassembly

Beige drives can mess up the look of a custom case, but this article will show you how to remove the plastic parts for painting to match your case color theme.

Soldam Rhapsody

stylish and expensive

A quick heads up on a slick-looking little case.

LED center

LED center

I’ve created a new site that focuses entirely on LEDs, with information for hobbyists, and information for those interested in the field of solid state lighting. Come check it out.

case mod 101: the ATX power switch demystified

I'd rather switch than fight

Learn how to mod your power switch and learn about the ATX specification at the same time.

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