case mod 101: optical drive painting

This is actually a very easy mod, and even if you don’t coonsider yourself a case modder, you can improve the looks of a system easily by using vinyl dye to color your optical drive faceplates.

The first step is to remove the drive from the system. That’s easy enough and I don’t expect I need to show you pictures for that step.

Second, you use a straightened paperclip to eject the tray. there will be a small hole in the faceplate that allows insertion of a paperclip for this kind of “emergency release.” Just insert the paperclip and gently press until the tray opens slightly. Once the tray is open, you can gently pull it out fully.

tray release hole
the small hole in the faceplate is for releasing the tray

Third, the tray will have its own small faceplate that fits flush in the opening of the drive faceplate. You can remove this by gently pulling the bottom edge of the tray faceplate away from the drive to unclip it, then sliding it upward to remove it from the end of the tray.

the tray faceplate is clipped on
gently release the clips

Fourth, you can now remove the drive faceplate since the tray faceplate is off. Look at the edges of the metal drive housing–near the front you’ll find clips that lock the faceplate into slots in the housing. Gently press these clips anward to release the faceplate. Most drives also have clips on the top or bottom ofthe drive housing. After you release the side clips, do the same for the others, and the faceplate can be removed from the metal drive housing.

locking clips
this drive has clips on the top and both sides

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