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Since the rest of the family was at the pool, I had about an hour or so to make this pig fly. I soldered the leads from my Molex right to the board. Then I replaced the output connections (plain wire) with a motherboard connector salvaged from an old case. On the lamp, I soldered a pin header to the wires and covered the joint with heat shrink. So now, I have the driver in a film can, connecting to the PSU with a regular Molex, and the lamp uses a male 2-pin to mate with the female 2-pin on the output side of the driver.

My wife called and said she was leaving the pool in 15 minutes, so I finished it all up, installed the whole hack in my professional enclosure, and fired the pig up.

…and there was light.

I bet whoever assembled this earns $0.25/hour

[Now this is professional work.]

08/29/2001: Added more neon
It just needed more. The 9″ low-profile light didn’t get me excited. So it was back to AutoZone, where I picked up a 15″ neon.

that’s more like it

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. I also did mucho wire management. The LCD cable is routed neatly behind the mobo tray and secured with zip ties. The IDE cable got replaced with a blue rounded one.

Here’s a better shot in the window so you can bask in the wire management love:

don’t laugh at my ISA slots, it’s an old picture, ok?

I mounted the HD in a 5.25″ bay using some rails. I completely removed the lower drive cage, which cleans the look up considerably. The upper drive cage is bare metal–it looks that goofy red color in the pic for some unknown reason. I sure wish I had a good local source for blue split loom.

And I finally got a decent shot of the LCD. (no enlargement–this is cropped).

green LCD backlight is old school now too

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