case mod two

after: satin black

I even removed the trays from the CD drives and colored them black too. Heck, even the factory black drives don’t have black trays. I dyed the nasty purple power and reset buttons blue to match the blue scheme of the LEDs. The intake fan in front is a clear bladed one I took off an Aopen PSU.

blue LED action on the CD-ROM drive

Swapping out the LEDs was straightforward. The floppy and CD-ROM both used ordinary LED packages. I did have to grind the casing down slightly on the LED I put in the CD-ROM, since it fit into a plastic holder.

I lacked the stomach to go after the SMD LEDs in the burner because: a) they were on the top of a board tht I only had easy access to the bottom, b) the board was connected to the drive by three ribbon cables–I knew I could get them apart, but getting them back together was another story, and c) I need to burn CDs. I couldn’t risk my precious SCSI burner. (Even though it is an old 4x4x16 one.)

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