Working with polycarbonate: all the technical data

speeds and feeds for all your needs

Bookmark this resource if you are serious about working with polycarbonate (Lexan).

Working with acrylic: all the technical data

speeds and feeds for all your needs

Bookmark this resource if you need serious information about machining acrylic.

lighted case badge mod: linear style

stick it out and light it up BAYBEE

Insane case badge modding using a Dremel, superglue, and blinding blue LEDs. One for the fans of glowing acrylic.

Planning your acrylic case

I planned mine

A tutorial for those of you who fancy building your own custom case. Geared toward acrylic, but useful information for any custom case.

icewheel mouse mod

icy blue lighted mouse wheel

Based on the original firewheel mod by japala. This was a big deal at the time, but now you can even buy a mouse from Microsoft with a glowing wheel.

acrylic, lexan and plastics FAQ

acrylic and polycarbonate and all the stuff you need to know about them

I’ve answered a lot of “how do I…” questions about working with acrylic and other plastics for case modders. This is a compliation of the best answers to the most relevant questions about acrylic construction techniques.

The invisible case

as seen on Slashdot

The acrylic cube case I built in 2002 that you may have seen on Slashdot.

hard drive window 2

of course it still works

The first hard drive window was just for practice, this one I did for the folks at PCAnswers magazine. And this time you can see the whole process with a full pictorial walkthrough.

Dremel Einstein mod


A case mod in progress. Give me a Dremel tool and a few hours, and look out.
Acrylic etched by a high-speed cutting bit.

hard drive mod

Warranty? What warranty?

Possibly pointless, but still kinda cool. After a year, this drive still worked. (It eventually died after about two years of use in its modified condition.)

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