case mod 101: cutting a freestyle, low-profile window

Dremel 101

Computer case modding secrets revealed! Dremel wizardry unmasked! Every step illustrated, this walkthrough will teach you to hand-cut a window that will look as good as a factory cut.

hard drive window 2

of course it still works

The first hard drive window was just for practice, this one I did for the folks at PCAnswers magazine. And this time you can see the whole process with a full pictorial walkthrough.

Dremel Einstein mod


A case mod in progress. Give me a Dremel tool and a few hours, and look out.
Acrylic etched by a high-speed cutting bit.

diamond madness

useful stuff cheap

A quick story about picking up some inexpensive diamond cutoff wheels and other bits for my Dremel.

case mod two

another case with a hole in it and blue lights

Vinyl dye saves the day. Another basic black and blue LED mod (yawn). The highlight is the black CD-ROM drive trays. This is now officially “old school” modding, but I’m keeping it around.

hard drive mod

Warranty? What warranty?

Possibly pointless, but still kinda cool. After a year, this drive still worked. (It eventually died after about two years of use in its modified condition.)

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