HDD header hardcore

The stuff in the specs you need to know in order to accomplish serious hard drive hardware hacking.

HDD header hints

Everything you wanted to know about the HDD header on your motherboard. The info you need if you’re going to do a project that uses this header.

case mod 101: LED swap

changing out the dim LEDs

Changing a case LED is simple, cheap, and a great way to customize your case. Here’s the details for how to do it the right way.

case mod 101: the ATX power switch demystified

I'd rather switch than fight

Learn how to mod your power switch and learn about the ATX specification at the same time.

plasma globe mod

mad scientist time, oh yeah

I think I did the original plasma globe mod. It sure got popular fast, though, because it’s easy, cheap and looks mad tight.

You need a USB LCD display

face it they just look cool

Matrix Orbital makes the MX2 series of USB LCD displays, and they do more than any comparable display by a huge margin.

how do I use an optoisolator or optocoupler to run more hard drive LEDs?

optoisolator 101

The best reson to use an optoisolator is the total electrical isolation between your motherboard and your circuit.

how to invert your LCD

because it looks cool

It’s a commonly asked question among case mod enthusiasts. And since I answer it a lot, I thought I’d write it up. Inverting your LCD is easy to do yourself, but it’s one of the nicest looking mods you can do.

Intro to digital circuits

learn some basics

A bit of basic education in the ways of digital circuits–some gates and a little bit of logic to get you started.

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