lighted case badge mod: linear style

stick it out and light it up BAYBEE

Insane case badge modding using a Dremel, superglue, and blinding blue LEDs. One for the fans of glowing acrylic.

icewheel mouse mod

icy blue lighted mouse wheel

Based on the original firewheel mod by japala. This was a big deal at the time, but now you can even buy a mouse from Microsoft with a glowing wheel.

plasma globe mod

mad scientist time, oh yeah

I think I did the original plasma globe mod. It sure got popular fast, though, because it’s easy, cheap and looks mad tight.

Streetglow OPTX Neon mini review

face it they just look cool

A line of products for lighting mods in small cases and small places. And big cases too. Neons still have a couple advantages over cold cathode lighting.

case mod two

another case with a hole in it and blue lights

Vinyl dye saves the day. Another basic black and blue LED mod (yawn). The highlight is the black CD-ROM drive trays. This is now officially “old school” modding, but I’m keeping it around.

case mod one complete

my very first case mod

New and improved with more lights! More = better, right?

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