case mod 101: optical drive painting

drive disassembly

Beige drives can mess up the look of a custom case, but this article will show you how to remove the plastic parts for painting to match your case color theme.

IBM Model M keyboard mod (in progress)

model M

This is less of a mod and more of a paint job. The case was painted black with vinyl dye, and needs some work. The keycaps were washed in detergent and warm water. Getting the thing apart was the hardest–I had to fing a long socket that was somewhere between 5mm and 7/32″, I have no idea what size those nuts actually are that hold the thing together. They are really difficult to remove though.
Model M modding in progress. Needs to have the paint touched up. The interior key tray needs to be painted black since it is visible through the upper case. The IBM badge got messed up by the dye, that needs replaced. The small bezel for the …

icewheel mouse mod

icy blue lighted mouse wheel

Based on the original firewheel mod by japala. This was a big deal at the time, but now you can even buy a mouse from Microsoft with a glowing wheel.

Superman case mod

Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound...

This is more of a paint job than a case mod. I did this for my three-year-old son, who is very enthusiatically into Superman right now. Uses vinyl dye, of course.

will vinyl dye work on my painted case parts?

more lights is better, right?

Depends how you define “work,” I guess….

case mod two

another case with a hole in it and blue lights

Vinyl dye saves the day. Another basic black and blue LED mod (yawn). The highlight is the black CD-ROM drive trays. This is now officially “old school” modding, but I’m keeping it around.

speaker mod

they *sound* better painted black

Powered by Plastikote Ultra Vinyl Color. Another step along the road to the all-black desk.

monitor makeover

how can you stand a beige monitor?

A 15″ Samsung SyncMaster 15GLe gets the linear vinyl dye treatment.

I’m high on vinyl dye

I'm high on vinyl dye

… and it’s not just from the fumes.

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