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I scored major diamond goods at the local Harbor Freight store today…

Lots of diamond cutting accesories (suitable for Dremel use) are on sale at the Harbor Freight store. I don’t know if they’ll honor these prices in the catalog or online.

diamond stuff
What a haul

I bought three five-packs of diamond cutoff wheels @ $4.99. There’s a mandrel included in each pack. I got a two pack of sanding drums for $3.99. But the cream of the crop was a 50-piece set (yes, fifty) of diamond tipped bits suitable for Dremel use, rated for 30krpm, for $19.99. That was too cheap not to buy. The flyer said the prices were good thru the 23rd IIRC, so get down there and get you some.

wafer thin
wafer thin

BTW, the cutoff wheels are thinner than a reinforced fiberglass Dremel wheel.

Four bucks, can you believe it?

The sanding drums are pretty nice looking. I can see nice rounded edges on glass.

Ooooooh, shiny

But the 50-piece set owns. some of these would be so great for ultra detail work. And it comes in a nice plastic box. You’ve gotta get this if you have a Dremel. Even for the list price of $27.99, it’s too good to pass up.

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