Dremel Einstein mod

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Here’s some work-in-progress shots of a window I’ve etched to go in my next modded case.

Doctor Einstein

I traced a photocopy enlargement of a bumper sticker

This was etched in 1/4 inch acrylic sheet with my Dremel tool on low speed, using the flex shaft and a cutting bit. I taped a line-art picture of Dr. Einstein to the back of the acrylic sheet, then used the “high speed cutter” bit that came with my Dremel kit to carve away about 1/16 inch of material in each pass.

Drawing the bit across the surface in steady strokes makes a line about 1/8 inch wide. It took maybe 90 minutes to etch the entire piece of artwork. I actually did two of them. You’ll get the feel for the technique within a few minutes, but at first the bit will feel a little jumpy. Just practice the steady motion. It’s pretty easy once you practice a little.

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