IBM Model M keyboard mod (in progress)

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This is less of a mod and more of a paint job. The case was painted black with vinyl dye, and needs some work. The keycaps were washed in detergent and warm water. Getting the thing apart was the hardest–I had to fing a long socket that was somewhere between 5mm and 7/32″, I have no idea what size those nuts actually are that hold the thing together. They are really difficult to remove though.

Model M modding in progress. Needs to have the paint touched up. The interior key tray needs to be painted black since it is visible through the upper case. The IBM badge got messed up by the dye, that needs replaced. The small bezel for the LEDs will be replaced by a smoked acrylic piece. I may not paint the keys black, I kind of like them this way. I need to fabricate and apply my ‘linearized Model M’ label to the bottom case. I have to dye the flip up legs and reinstall them. I may replace the rubber skid feet on the bottom.

The Model M I’m typing on at the moment has a black inner key tray already. Hmmm. But it’s a newer one with the fixed cord.

a better match to the desktop

Some more pics of this work in progress….

that beige scanner is next in line

you can see the beige line where the halves of the chassis join

those LEDs are blinding compared to the ones I removed

the keycaps need to be dyed, that’s next

the cord could be dyed too

All in all, this isn’t really done, but it’s interesting.

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