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My jaw just dropped when I read Japala’s original firewheel mod back in January. I had too much stuff going on to try it then, but I knew I wanted to do it.

So here’s my version of this mod, but in black with blue lights to coordinate with my rig and desk:

the iceweel mouse mod

This was a beige OEM Logitech optical mouse, I paid about $12 for it. The red LED was switched for a Blue Nichia with no loss of tracking. The additional LED lighting the wheel is a Nichia as well. The shell is vinyl dyed black. The extra LED is powered by +5V taken from a point right next to where the cable mates to the circuit board. I removed a small filter cap and installed my LED+resistor in its place.

here’s the best place to grab +5V inside this mouse

Note: the top pic is slightly photoshopped to compensate for the typical gamma of a PC monitor. On my monitor at home the original pic looks nice, but most monitor’s gamma is messed up, so I lightened the midtones in this pic a little bit. If you feel like complaining, please contact .

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