lighted case badge mod: linear style

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This is my take on the backlit case badge mod that’s been around for a long time. A case badge is a 1 inch square sticker that fits into a spot provided for the purpose on most PC cases. People have been backlighting them for a while, using a variety of kits to do it, but I wanted to do something a little different. And I wound up doing something a lot different.

The basic idea behind this mod is that you can buy one-inch acrylic cubes from a variety of plastics suppliers. These fit neatly into the spot for a case badge. So the basic construction of this mod went as follows:

1) Remove most of the bezel plastic from the case badge spot. Make sure to leave enough of a lip that you can adhere the cube to the edges, but the opening lets the backlight shine through.

2) Sand the sides of the acrylic cube until they reach a sort of dull matte finish that’s smooth enough for you. Don’t polish them too much, they won’t diffuse the light as effectively. If you need to make adjustments to the size, you can sand it down a little too.

3) Apply a drop or two of superglue to the edge of your badge cutout, and drop the cube onto it to stick it in place.

4) secure the backlight to the chassis of your case behind the cutout so that you shine light into the cube.

5) Apply your favorite case badge, light it up, and enjoy!

the backlit badge sits proud of the bezel by an inch
the blue light coordinates well with my overall theme
another angle and a little different winamp vis
the backlight I used is an array of six blue LEDs wired with resistors to run directly from 12VDC
it’s good and bright, each LED is 6000mcd or so

Also pictured above is the Matrix Orbital MX2 USB LCD, with the indicator option installed. Stay tuned for an article about this amazing piece of hardware.

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