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Here’s a company that is doing business on the Internet the right way. At Lunar Accents, not only have they caught on to the LED lighting revolution, but they seem to have a good grasp of how the Internet works as well, a refreshing change from dealing with a typical electronics supplier.

I think what impressed me most was the inclusion of a forum on their site. For me that shows they care about what their customers and prospective customers have to say to them. In the Internet-enabled world, this is vital.

But beyond that, I really dug the fact they have their company outlook out in plain view for the world to see. That’s the kind of transparency of business process that I believe will make this company successful. Go take a look around the shop, say hi, and tell them I sent you.

LED lighting technology is very exciting, with new developments leading to remarkable energy efficiencies. It’s a matter of short time before household applications are common. Your grandkids will laugh as their parents tell them stories about light bulbs that broke when they got dropped on the floor. But even in 2003: gas in glass is out, solid state is in.

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