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I’m posting some shots of my Mirage paintjob. If you don’t know what Mirage is, it’s a color-shifting paint system from Duplicolor.

I had a painted case (you may recognize it from case mod one) and I had an itch to try this cool-looking paint system. Next thing I know, I was sanding the black paint off old number one. Since I had previously painted, prep was pretty straightforward. I took off most of the black with 220 grit. Everything was pretty smooth from the other paintjob already, so it didn’t take too long.

Duplicolor Mirage goes on in three layers; a base coat, a reflective mid-coat, and a clear gloss top coat. The pack I bought was the gold/magenta. The base coat looked like a deep blackish purple, and very flat. It went on very thin, so multiple coats were needed.

after a first coat of Mirage primer

seeral coats of Mirage primer

the primer has a very flat look

Once the midcoat goes on, the fun begins. It has a way of reflecting light differently from different directions. If the piece is directly between you and the light source, you get all gold. If the piece is lit from the direction you are viewing it, you get all purple. Flash pictures all look purple, I found out real quick.

one coat of the midcoat–not too amazing yet

Normally, you would sand before clear coating, at least with an ordinary flat color. However, this is special stuff, and since the can directions nor the website mentioned sanding before clear coat, I chose not to, since it’s very possible that a sanding would FUBAR the special effect. So, next step up was clear coat. Note the different looks, purple and gold. The purple was taken with flash, the gold without, using a tripod to hold the camera steady for the longer exposure necessary.

starting to look slick now

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