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Now that I have a spiffy black machine, I needed a matching monitor, naturally.


and after

Once again, vinyl dye triumphs. I really couldn’t be more pleased with how this came out. Here’s some shots of the project as it progressed. This is a Samsung SyncMaster 15GLe, a decent little 15 inch monitor. It’s still got a clear picture, which is great for a monitor manufactured in January of 1996. Let’s see how nice we can make it look.

the patient is prepped and ready

Everything’s nicely disassembled and ready for prep. I chose not to take the front frame off the CRT, and to mask the glass screen instead. I might do that differently next time. Prep consisted of a wipe/rubdown with rubbing alcohol. I had already removed all the stickers and used Desolv-it to clean the adhesive residue.

crude but effective masking

Low Prices. That’s what my masking job is all about. One paper bag and a roll of masking tape.

you could take the bezel off, but I didn’t

Here’s the screen masking job. If you’re going to try this, mask all around the paper so overspray doesn’t get on the screen. I got some, but it came off with light rubbing with a ScotchBrite pad.

starting to look good

Now it’s getting interesting. This is what one coat of vinyl dye gets you. It really goes on easily.

the devil is in the details

I like the way it colors the surface without building it up. The lettering embossed into the back is still really readable (but not in the picture becauses of glare). All the markings are quite distinct.

your webmaster

Now you want to remember to always use proper safety equipment, boys and girls. The fumes from this stuff are quite noxious. I had quite a headache afterwards even though I wore a NIOSH respirator.

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