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more pretty details

A little shot so you can see the detail on the monitor controls. Since the recessed black letters are hard to read against black, I may rub some white crayon in to get the markings more readable.

burn baby, burn

All dry, and put back together. The flat black vinyl color made a really attractive satin finish on the monitor housing. It’s a terrific match for the satin black Rustoleum on my case. I got some gloss black to try for another project, and I’m anxious to see how it finishes up.

Some new pictures: I shot these in daylight because the finish really shows better without the flash.

simple, clean, black finish

You can see the whole unit in daylight here. Nice and satiny. What looks like a flaw in the finish on the top edge is a dog hair. The static charge on the tube pulls them in like a magnet.

love those recessed markings

The monitor controls are behind a flip-down door. The dye doesn’t build up so the recessed icons by the buttons are still quite deep even though there’s several coats on this spot. It’s still pretty hard to read recessed black letters on black in indoor light.

world’s first black LED

Contrast, brightness, and power contols came out pretty. I didn’t take out the lens for the power LED, so now i have a matching “black” LED.

the grille was probably the hardest part

Here’s a rear shot to show the grille pattern. I used several coats sprayed on from different angles to coat all of the interior surfaces that made up the grille pattern. There was a manufacturer’s sticker on the center of the rearface of the housing. I’ll be fabricating a new sticker to take its place.

Important Safety Update: Before attempting to make any modifications to your monitor, review the safety portions of the Monitor Repair FAQ found here. Opening a monitor is one of the most hazardous computer mods you can undertake. If you lack the qualifications yourself, take your monitor to a local repair shop. The technicians should be able to safely discharge hazardous voltages for a reasonable fee.

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