Streetglow OPTX Neon mini review

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I couldn’t help but buy one when I saw it. And now I’m sharing my joy with the world.

Streetglow OPTX mini neon

I don’t own any cold cathode lights. I’ve always been strangely drawn to the color intensity of neon lights. Blue and red especially are so much richer than CCFLs.

So I saw some new neons in the auto parts store a while back. StreetGlow’s OPTX line.

Anyhow, these are a little on the expensive side, but there’s a really nice selection of sizes and colors, and they are well made and nicely packaged. 3″, 6″ and 9″ sizes in a narrow tube style, and there’s 12″, and some bigger sizes in the usual diameter. The inverter housings are clear, and the lamps are encased in a clear tube with endcaps that match the color of the lamp. Outer diameter on my 6″ tube (of course I bought one!) is a little under 3/8″ diameter (slightly under 1cm). That’s vey slim, and that opens up some possibilities for mods.

The inverter is fitted with a socket, and a matching barrel plug on the lamp cord fits it neatly. Again, lots of good mod potential–you could take the inverter board out of the housing quuite easily, and consoloidate several in an enclosure. You could extend the wire to the lamp or shorten it, just fit it with a barrel connector and it’s good.

I’m planning on watching out for a sale–I really like the small ones, I can imagine tucking them into all kinds of tight spots in a case for dramatic effects.

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