Superman case mod

It’s more of a paint job than a case mod, but I finished a case with a Superman theme for my three-year-old son’s machine.

the finished article

This box started life as a generic, beige, AT mini-tower. I won’t bother you with pictures of that, you pretty well know what I’m talking about. Inside the box is a Pentium 200 (with MMX!), so cooling really is not an issue. Since the box is set up on the floor, dust is a big issue, so there are no fans in this mod. Since the box sits under the table, I decided to skip cutting a window as well. This is one of those cases with the one-piece metal housing, so cutting would be a challenge anyway.

Well then, let’s get started. The bezel came off by removing four screws (that gets an award from me–I hate clip-on bezels). Here you see the parts I wanted to dye red, then the product I used to dye them, then the pieces ater the first coat of dye.

laid out ready to paint

the product of choice for use on plastic

this is what one coat looks like

When dying plastic, you want to use several thin coats to get a smooth, even coverage. I’ve talked to some modders who have had problems with dye running or crackling on their pieces. Just go slow, and do several thin coats. It dries very quickly and you can recoat within a few minutes. Here’s my red pieces after about three or four coats. The detail shot shows how nicely the dye treats raised lettering (in contrast to paint, which can bunch up around it).

this is after several thin coats

painting obscures the raised details, but dye won’t

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