Superman case mod

Everything dried quite nicely, with a rich, deep color. Here’s some pictures of the finished box. The graphics are from a decal sheet I bought at the auto parts store. I used an exacto knife to cut out some parts from the sheet that weren’t pre-cut decals, like the Superman image, and the logo. The emblems were pre-cut. Power and HDD LEDs were replaced with blue, and I left the turbo LED red, but when I hooked it up, I accidentally miswired it so it’s always on. I liked it, so I left it that way. So it’s a nice companion to the blue LEDs. The strange shaped blue piece on the front used to have a beige and green energy star logo screenprinted on the back of a transparent glossy insert. The insert was used to cover what appeared to be holes for a speed readout and a keylock (remember, this is an AT case). So I sanded off the printing and painted the back blue, masking off the bit for the LED to shine through.

finished system with decals and coordinating mouse

a littel exacto knife work got me a free sticker

red and blue work well together (not green though)

this was another “bonus” sticker I cut out by hand

the blues don’t match exactly

but they are mighty close

The first and last pics show the matching mouse. I actually did the mouse a while ago, as a test piece for the red and blue dye.

The final result: my son greatly approved. He’s especially enthusiastic about Superman right now. We tweaked his desktop wallpaper and startup sounds to go with the theme as well.

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