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Sometimes, you have a certain mental image of what you want, and no one makes it, and nothing can be modded into it, and you just have to build your own. That’s what happened to me. I knew I wanted a small cube case, and nothing on the market scratched my itch exactly. So I knew it was time to go custom.

In building my acrylic case, I had a few goals in mind. I knew I wanted a perfect cube, and I knew I wanted to showcase my windowed hard drive. I had pretty much ruled out polycarbonate (Lexan) in favor of acrylic (Plexiglas or Perspex). Most of my design decisions were dictated by those constraints plus a few others. I developed the process described in the first article as part of my efforts to refine what I wanted to do with this case; that was purely a side effect.

The next thing I did was research: I looked at every acrylic case article (there are quite a few out there) that I could find to see what I could learn. I read websites of plastic companies looking for techniques and tips, most of which will appear in the third article of this series. But the most valuable thing I did was to stop in to my local plastics shop, and spend some time discussing my ideas with the proprietor.

Let me take a minute to thank Ken Bruns, owner of Plexible Designs, for taking the time to talk at length with me about my project and educating me in his business. Ken is a real craftsman who takes great pride in his work and displays overpowering enthusiasm for his craft. If you can find such a resource in your area, by all means take full advantage. People who love what they do are very interested to talk about it, and you’ll learn quite a bit.

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