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When the elation subsided somewhat, I realized I needed to photograph all the components before, during and after assembly. This is about the point where most acrylic case articles I’ve read start. It truly is the fun part, so let me get right down to showing off my pics.

Here’s the finished drive cage, all standoffs installed, and fasteners tacked in place with a drop of adhesive. I realized I could use the standoffs to mount my Matrix Orbital LK204-25 LCD in the bottom bay, so you see them threaded into holes I drilled and tapped for the purpose. The PSU mounts to the standoffs on the bottom of the cage.

Here’s a detail shot of the cutout for the voltage selector switch from the PSU. Working on the little details like this was insanely time consuming, but also very satisfying in the end product, so please indulge me as I show you every last detail.

A frontal shot of the drive cage so you can see the front pieces on the top and bottom bays only, and the hole for access to the DVD drive in the middle bay. Yes, I did polish the heads on the fasteners. Thanks for noticing.

A three-quarter shot of the finished, polished cube.

A detail shot of the corner that shows the polished edges on the fan cutout and the hinge position on the lid.

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