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A detail shot showing the hole for the IEC power connector to mount in the case wall. Note the clear rubber foot. You’ll see it again.

A detail of the port cutouts. This was an incredible amount of hand work, I hope it looks that way.

A bottom corner, showing the rubber foot in detail. This case is clear, and every accessory I could find is clear as well.

A detail I absolutely love. The holes for the motherboard standoffs are not drilled completely through, just to a depth of about halfway through the material. This is one of the details that I tested extensively, and it wouldn’t have been possible at all without the drill press. You are looking edgewise into the bottom of the case in this shot, so the threaded hole is visible through the edge of the material.

Looking down on the top corner you see the fit of the lid. The corners of my material were quite sharp, but my supplier filed the top edge of my lid for me to make it more comfortable to the touch. A nice detail, but I doubt it will survive the photograph being reduced.

This pic is supposed to show the polished DVD slot, but it’s really difficult for the camera to focus on something transparent (and I don’t have manual focus).

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