The invisible case

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still more showing off

Corner detail showing the lid opened. It travels through a full 270° of arc.

The bottom of the lid is flush with the case bottom, but the feet keep it off the table top. Another sweet detail.

I was trying to picture the slot, but the fastener came into focus instead. The polish really sets them off.

The full case in three-quarter view again, under flash.

You get a good sense of the bling on the polished cutouts in this shot, but even so it’s better in person.

It’s actually pretty hard to photograph the empty case. With hardware in it, though, the camera focuses on the hardware, and the case appears out of focus. Here’s the motherboard, the first thing installed. Easy access was very important to my overall design, which led to the drive cage design.

PSU and LCD go into the drive cage first. Note the quick disconnects for the power to the PSU.

All components installed in the cage.

Side view of populated cage, showing the clear, shielded, rounded IDE cable I used. Also note the expandable sleeving I installed on the mobo connector from the PSU to improve my wire management.

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