The invisible case

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not quite done showing off

DVD window closeup as promised earlier. You may recognize the windowed hard drive from somewhere…

Closeup on the port cutouts. The ports fit perfectly.

Full system installed. Only thing missing are my clear fans. Clear fans, you say? Absolutely. I couldn’t show you the case without them.

Hmmm, a wire management issue, I’d say. We’ll come back to that one. But I really wanted you to look at the installed voltage selector for the PSU. I hate to beat it to death, but there are so many details in this thing.

An aesthetic goal accomplished: my window drive is front and center in this case, fully visible and featured prominently. Everyone who observed that it was pointless to window a hard drive, since it would only be stashed inside a dark case, please note.

Oh, yeah, there’s a PC in there… that’s a Celeron 1000 and stock Intel HSF for those of you who would like to know. It runs at about 32° idle and maybe 38° when I beat on it.

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