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showing off some wiring

My wiring for the LCD. The first cable is a serial passthrough (male-to-female DB9) sold my Matrix Orbital. The second is the IDC to male DB9 from some long gone system. The power cable is a bodge job with a floppy connector and a female Molex salvaged from a fan pigtail. I didn’t want to buy a power cable from Henry (sorry amigo). My LCD connects to the pin headers for the second serial port, which is conveniently inside the case (thanks Asus).

At this point my clear fans arrived ($8 from, tailed with chrome grill included, since I know you’ll all ask). I had to pull the drive cage to install them, so I decided to tidy my wiring nightmare. You’ll see black heatshrink around my fan leads.

Detail of that lovely fan. You may have spotted it on the front page recently in fact.

A bit of clear heatshrink on the power leads makes a tidy installation. Note the quick disconnect terminals, making maintenance a breeze.

My super-sub-micro-leet fanbus is made of two crimp-on wire connectors, connected to a three pin plug I salvaged from somewhere. Sorry these clear fans don’t offer a monitoring lead, so I just paralleled them on the motherboard fan header (after consulting the manual and checking the current rating, etc.).

Drive cage installed and looking tight. Got one fan blowing and one sucking, and wire management to alleviate the rat’s nest at the rear of the installation. And what do you know, finally a shot where I can say “look at the polish job on that slot.” Yes sir.

It’s finished, at long last. This was a three month project.

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