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problems and solutions

It worked great on paper. Once I tried it with the real component, I realized two things. First, the PSU fan was designed to intake air from the case interior and exhaust through its vent holes. I hadn’t planned for the vent holes to be open to the outside of the case. Second, the fit just didn’t work. I didn’t get my PSU until after I had received my pieces from my supplier–my dimensions were set in stone, or rather in expensive Plexiglas G brand cell cast acrylic, with finished edges.

the good stuff

So I decided to remove the PSU housing. It was more in keeping with my overall design concept of a clear PC anyway. I didn’t like the idea of any metal boxes inside my enclosure to block any of the choice views. So time to mod.

Unfortunately, the pics from the PSU mod got lost, but the interesting part was that I decided to remove the fan entirely, locate the PSU in the drive cage, and relocate the IEC power connector to the case, so the AC wires needed to be extended. I used quick disconnect terminals on the wire extensions, so that I could keep the connector mounted permanently in the case and disconnect it from the PSU in the removable drive cage.

the IEC connector, and the cutout in the case panel to accommodate it

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