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DVD: dentistry via Dremel

The cutting and polishing was really detail oriented, so I decided to change the pace a bit, take a break, and mod the DVD drive. I took off the housing,

desoldered the LED,

and soldered in a lovely blue one just for the benefit of my mates at Bit-Tech.

Next the cover came off, and got marked with a circle using a CD as a template. Into the vise and break out the Dremel for a little DVD: dentistry via Dremel.

Cutting away the extra

and you know what was the end result, a lovely round window. I deburred and smoothed the edge down nicely, then I filled the gap in the case with some thin clear material from packaging on some product or other. A lovely window, and none of the tack trim from a can that you see so often to cover a jagged hole.

I buffed the drive case on my buffing wheel with a little bit of compound and brightened it up considerably. Sorry, but my pics of the finished article got mislaid (this case took over three months to finish, counting the week I went without power due to an ice storm) but you’ll see it installed.

One thing I hadn’t provided for was the selector switch that allows the PSU to use either 110 or 220 Volt mains current. So I put a cutout in the side of the drive cage to accommodate it:

needle files are a modder’s secret weapon

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