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gluing it together

With all the cutting and drilling done, there was very little left but to glue up my pieces. I checked my fits one last time using my corner clamps. Here you can see all my cut pieces laid out ready for assembly:

what a relief to be finished cutting

The top was actually the only uncut piece. The bottom was drilled and tapped with threads to accept the brass motherboard standoffs like you see in every case. You’ll see a pic of that in a little bit.

Now the fun begins. As before, my gluing jig consisted of two corner clamps, and I chucked one of them in my vise to keep the joint in the horizontal plane. I peeled back the protective paper about 1/2″ from the edge of my workpieces while I triple-checked my corners for the proper inset. Here’s the first joint set up to glue :

looking edgewise down the joint

I glued my four vertical sides together first, starting with the least visible. The theory was that I could ‘practice’ on the back joints and get good at it by the time the more visible front joints needed gluing. Actually they all came out quite satisfactory.

Each joint remained in the jig for about an hour before I unclamped it. The adhesive I used (IPS Weld-on #4) sets up within a few minutes, but continues to cure over 48 hours or so depending on conditions. I wanted to be conservative, so I waited a little longer than the recommended time. Then I proceeded to complete the four vertical sides.

she’s starting to look like a box now

I purchased a pair of very sporty clear plastic hinges for the lid, quite in keeping with the clear concept. I had seen various solutions on other peoples’ cases, but this is one more area where my plastics supplier helped me tremendously. I couldn’t bear the thought of a metal or opaque plastic hinge blocking my lovely view.

hinges set in place with tape for gluing

I had learnt my lesson well about masking tape, so I very cautiously tacked down the hinges with tape to keep them steady while I applied the few drops of adhesive that would hold them on.

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