The invisible case

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getting the job done

My top and bottom pieces were caps (outside fitting–10x10″) so I glued up the bottom with some longer bar clamps first.

clamped up– not much pressure is needed

Then the hinges got tacked to the back face, and I let the whole works cure for 24 hours before I touched any of it again. What a difficult time that was. I felt like a patient waiting to remove the bandages from a serious operation the whole time. But I had far too much time invested now to hose this case by being impatient. So I finally removed the protective paper and was overjoyed with what emerged:

the patient came through spectacularly

I snapped those pictures before I even had time to polish the case at all and posted them so I could give sneak previews to some of the bit-tech forum crew. Oh what a happy day.

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