where can I buy cheap bright blue LEDs?

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Futurlec has cheap blue LEDs. 35 cents to be precise, and shipping is flat $3 for orders up to $30.

I got sixty of these, and I love them. They’re as bright as the Nichia’s I paid $3 for, but cost $0.40 each delivered. Whites at $0.75 aren’t a bad deal at all either, but I’ve not seen them in person.

Looking good, eh?

bright and cheap

Update: I put some of these on the test bench and can now confirm some specs since they are lacking from the supplier.

With a 68 ohm resistor and a 5 Volt supply, I measured 22 mA current, and a 3.2 V drop across the LED. Now my meter is analog and so has a lowish input impedance (so it loads the circuit somewhat excessively). These can be treated like a typical 3.3V @ 20 mA Blue LED. I’ll get a higher impedance meter soon and update the numbers for you.

And I got the protractor out and measured the angle, they are 15° pattern. The circle they throw is noticeably smoother than the $3 Nichias I also have.


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