will vinyl dye work on my painted case parts?

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Ok, I accept the duties of vinyl dye guru. Part of that is dealing with this question, which has been the most asked question on any subject since I started my site.

Up until now, my response has been “I don’t know, I’ve never tried.” But that changes now. By the way, I wasted my lunch hour today on this, so everyone reading this right now owes me lunch.

The disclaimer:
If you dye your metal case, and come complaining to me about how it looks, I will laugh at you.

The test:
I used a piece of painted metal case material that was removed from my side panel when I cut a window. It was formerly beige. The prep consisted of nothing at all. I did not clean or wipe this test piece in any way. No sanding. No tack cloth. Nothing.

I took the piece out to the back, put on my respirator and wailed on it using Plasti-kote Ultra Vinyl Color, flat black ($4.29). Without further ado, here are the results:

easy to scratch, even witha fingernail

this doesn’t work for me

The second shot is a detail from the first. These were shot in indirect daylight with no flash at a distance of about nine inches. The texture is the texture of the original paint job, plus whatever crud was adhering to the panel. As I mentioned, I did not sand the surface.

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