will vinyl dye work on my painted case parts?

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The scratch which I’ve highlighted in the second shot was done with my fingernail about five minutes after applying the dye. It scratched very easily. I repeated the scratch test after the dye had half an hour to set. The good news is it scratched much less easily.

If you plan to use this on your case, you will absolutely want to protect it with clear coat. Note: I have not tested clear coat on this finish. What the pictures don’t convey very well is that from a normal viewing distance, this actually looks pretty good. It does not look as good as a painstaking multi-coat paint job, but it also only took five minutes. There was no streaking or fisheye at all, the panel looks quite flat black when viewed normally.

The pluses:
+ It was easy
+ It was fast
+ It looks fairly good

The minuses:
- It is nowhere near as durable as a paint job
- Your case results may vary considerably
- Your color choices are severely limited compared to paint

Is it right for you:
I can not say that “vinyl dye works on painted metal case panels.” I can say that you should go try it yourself on a test piece, the results may be satisfactory for you. Consider that by the time you sand the surface to make it smooth and clear coat it it make it durable that you’ve put in nearly as much effort as a paint job.

To belabor the obvious:
Paint gives excellent results on metal. Vinyl dye gives excellent results on several types of plastic. This exercise was a test, and does not indicate the results you will get.

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